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Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy offers complete health and harmony: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. This is achieved by opening passages for the new energy flows that we need, as well as by removing energy blockings of various kinds, cleansing and detoxifying the aura of our energy bodies.

There are several energy therapy techniques aimed at relieving, harmonizing and renewing. They offer:

  • Elimination of problem energies such as stress and anxiety
  • Mental Support for clarity and perceptive ability
  • Cleansing and Regeneration of our cellular memory
  • Emotional Harmonization and Balance

The result depends both on the quality of the therapist you have chosen and on the extent to which you are open to this treatment.  Why is that?

The answer is that, as humans, we are energy beings.  We are found within multi-level energy fields, which are in constant movement and flow and which undergo constant change. These energy fields are reflected inside ourselves, both spiritually and psychosomatically.As a result, if these fields become strong enough to appear as permanent, they may either cause disease, if they are problematic, or they may offer us health and strength, if they are right.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Energy therapy does not make medical diagnoses and does not replace medical treatment.

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