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Personal Training

Personal Training

Neuromuscular Strengthening

Customized Fitness Programs for Neuromuscular and Musculoskeletal Stimulation, adapted to individual physical needs, as well as to personal goals, with regard to physical health and well-being.

Personal Training

Cardiovascular Robustness and Stamina

In order for the cardiovascular system to function properly a strong heart is required.

In order to be healthy and strong, the heart, like all the other muscles, needs exercise.

When its power increases, the heart can pump a larger volume of blood at a shorter rate per minute.

The training of aerobic capacity is an integral part of the Health Pyramid, so the programs are adjusted depending on the needs and targets of each individual trainee.

Personal Training

Suppleness & Yoga

Suppleness, or else flexibility, is a basic requirement in order to maintain an ideal posture, to have ideal movement and to avoid wear and injuries of tendons and joints.

Suppleness programs comprise a specifically designed exercise curriculum, based on yoga (both hatha and ashtanga), as well as on a special alignments system.

Personal Training

Muscle line and skill with Kick-Boxing & Boxing

Sports activity offers the same benefits as intense aerobic activity, but the difference is that it also offers the trainee skills, relaxation and moments of pleasure.

These new skills are very important for the proper function of the brain, as well as for its upgrading and development.

Kick-Boxing and Boxing are widespread martial arts and it has been proven that involvement in these sports, on a health level, produces immediate and substantial results in terms of physical and mental condition.

Personal Training

Advice on Diet and Health

The quantity and the type of food we consume affects our health and well-being. A ‘poor’ diet not only hides the risk of weight increase, but also the risk of developing serious problems that affect our health, on a physical, psychological and mental level.

“We are what we eat, whatever this involves”.

The last step in the Pyramid of Health and Well-being is a discussion about diet as well as advice, not only for physical reasons, but also for psychological and ones of energy. This advice is aimed at all those individuals, like yourself, who are looking for a System of Diet that will enhance their total personal development.

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