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Spiritual Coaching & Meditation

Spiritual Coaching & Meditation

Spiritual Coaching & Meditation

Spiritual Coaching & Meditation Service offers all the provisions we need to engage in our personal internal pursuit and to overcome whatever obstacles appear in our way. These obstacles are caused either by our own selves, or by our environment.

We find it difficult to fight alone, not because we cannot, but because we suffer from ignorance when we fight and our eyes are shut. We get tangled in repetitions and we feel that we go back to square one. The way to evolution is always hard.

What we need is a spiritual counselor, an experienced voice to guide us, firstly, because our personality, our ego, are our strong opponent, and secondly, because our external environment and our daily routine place stumbling blocks, which can even invalidate our orientation and our desires.

So, in order to live up to the goals of our personal internal development, we need all those who can help, either because they have been through the route where we now find ourselves and, therefore, know how to support us, or because they are on the same route themselves, so we are walking together, we are fellow travelers.

Spiritual Coaching & Meditation


Meditation is a dynamic tool.

It offers to every individual on a personal journey the opening up of new horizons, of new levels of understanding and sensation, of new experiences as to which our road is, who our inner self is, and who we really are. Real self-knowledge brings real joy and love in our lives.

The journey that begins through meditation training is different for every individual. This is something magical.

This is not an easy or fast journey. The very same elements that we must possess when we decide to build our bodies and improve our fitness and health are also required here. It depends entirely on us.

What we need is patience, discipline, program and faith. Firstly, faith in ourselves, and then in our guide, the one who supports us and urges us to walk along the road that unfolds ahead.

Meditation Practices

Building an Individual Energy Channel (individual – one to one)

The individual channel is the most basic tool that we have been given through meditation.

It is an energy conduit in which our spirit, our soul, our mind, our feelings and our senses unite. That is, data of our existence which all have different potential.

Why should we build an individual channel?

Initially, to separate ourselves from our environment so that we can discover, acquaint and redefine ourselves on a new basis.

Gradually, we distinguish the powers that we undergo by the environment from the ones that we give to it. In this way, we learn how to sever, in terms of energy, both old and new bonds which are problematic and hold us captive.

We finally become an enlarged clean conduit and receiver of magnificent energies.

Group Meditation

Meditation practices and guidance in groups.

ο νούς είναι το πάν, αυτό που σκέφτεσαι αυτό γίνεσαι
Όπως ένα κερί δεν μπορεί να καίει χωρίς φωτιά, έτσι και ο άνθρωπος δεν ζεί χωρίς πνευματική ζωή
563-483 π.χ.
Εκείνος που αγωνίζεται πολύ καιρό και δεν βλέπει πνευματική πρόοδο, έχει υπερηφάνεια και εγωισμό. Πνευματική πρόοδος υπάρχει εκεί που υπάρχει πολλή ταπείνωση.
Γέρων Παΐσιος
Αγιορείτης μοναχός και Άγιος
Η επιστήμη δεν είναι απλώς συμβατή με την πνευματικότητα, αλλά είναι μια τεράστια πηγή πνευματικότητας.
Καρλ Σαγκάν
Αμερικανός αστρονόμος

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